Singing Bowl Massage

This treatment is exceptionally relaxing and calming, beautiful and meditative. You are in direct contact with the sound and its healing vibrations throughout the session.


I place the singing bowls directly on the body. This creates a deep vibration which releases the tension of muscles and massages the organs. The sound contains binaural rhythms which balance the nervous system, rejuvenates the brain, and can improve sleep. This treatment can be deeply relaxing on a physical and spiritual level.


History of Singing Bowls

Singing bowls come from Asia.  For many centuries monks, doctors, shamans and common people of Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, India and Tibet have used bowls for healing the body and the soul, for meditation and sacred rituals. They believed in special powers of the bowls, which were the medium between themselves and cosmic consciousness, some practices were secret and were shared only between the monks and the shamans.

It is believed that Buddha brought the first bowl from India to Tibet. There is a legend, that this bowl is still kept at a Tibetan Monastery and it is played on special occasions. All monks bring their bowls to charge with the energy of this bowl.

Their manufacture has always been kept in secrecy, still today a lot of mystery surrounds these sacred instruments. Today they are used for meditation, space cleansing and healing. It is believed that everything inside and around a bowl when it is struck, becomes pure.

Each bowl is handmade by generations of craftsmen. Each unique bowl has a different sound and carries a different energy. Combining healing bowls with a healing intention can magnify their beneficial effects on our body and mind.


Sounds and Vibration of Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls produce multiple notes at the same time, with rich audible harmonic overtones. The sound of the healing bowls touches our deepest spirit, taking us to a place of calm, peace and light.

The deep vibration produced by a singing bowl placed on the body releases tension in muscles, pain, massages the organs, rewires the brain, and stress and anxiety reduce.